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August 26, 2016

If you can't find a post that you read earlier, it was likely removed from the site to make room for more tips, DIY projects, and yarns. These posts are now available in my new ebook Years of Ideas from a Simple Sailor.

Here's what you'll find on Amazon:
In Years of Ideas from a Simple Sailor Connie McBride shares her and her husband's many hints for enjoying a simple cruising lifestyle. Included are dozens of tips and DIY projects with realistic time and money requirements. Stories relate the many challenges of cruising on a small boat as well as the joys and pleasure that sailing simply brings. Based on 15 years of experience sailing, working, and raising three boys on a 34-foot monohull, this book give real world advice on how to cruise safely and comfortably without the hassles of unnecessary "inconveniences." Destination pieces include Bocas del Toro, Panama, Turks and Caicos, many stops along the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as their home, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Recipes for cooking in a small galley (including "baking" without an oven), stories about (and by) their three "boat boys," and an entire section dedicated to the outfitting and sailing of their Phil Bolger AS-29 round out a book with something for every sailor and adventurer.

Subjects covered include:


Eyeball Navigation
Using Ranges
How to Plot a Fix on a Paper Chart
What to do When You’ve Run Aground
Sheet Lead
Seasickness Remedies
What to Look for When Buying a Boat
When You Get Overwhelmed
How to Store a Boat Long Term
Untying Knots
Marking Chain
Dock Line Snubber
Simple Fuel and Water Transfer
Line Lizards
Cotter Pin Substitute
Plastic to Plug a Hole
Bolt Extractor
Simple Door Latch
Laundry Onboard
Galley Ideas
Cats Aboard
Books Onboard
But What About the Holidays?
Good Times Jar
Financing the Dream


Fiberglass Deck Repair
Repairing a Blistered Bottom
Adjustable Solar Panels on Lifelines
Propane Tank Storage
Simple Bimini
Homemade Clamps
How to Paint a Dinghy Name
Building a $200 Dinghy in a Week
Finishing a $200 Dinghy
$3.90 Oars
Build Your Own Solar Cooker
Homemade Salad Spinner
Fruit Fly Trap
Homemade Laundry Detergent
Screens and Shades
Air Head Composting Toilet
Bolger's Advanced Sharpie 29
The Right Boat for the Job
Simplifying an AS-29
Flat-Bottomed Boats
Repairing Bilge Boards
Do-it-yourself Companionway Screen
Outboard Steering Extension
Tarp Riding Sail
Sailing an AS-29


Sapodilla Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
St. Patrick's Day: St. Croix-style
Bocas del Toro, Panama
Crossing to the Bahamas the First Time
Marathon City Marina
Curry Hammock State Park, FL
Islamorada, FL
Key Largo: Tarpon Basin
Dusenbury Pond, Key Largo
Indiantown Marina, FL
Westland Marina, Titusville, FL
St. Mary’s, Georgia
Georgia Anchorages
Savannah, Georgia
Charleston, NC
South Carolina Anchorages
Southport, NC
Carolina Beach State Park Marina, NC
The People You Meet
Coconut Telegraph Meets Social Media
Disposable Cruising
Cruising in the Here & Now
No Such Thing as a Bad Adventure


A Blue Water Sailor Goes Brown
How my Motor Made me a Better Sailor
A Boat is not a Car
Too Dangerous to Sail
Sailing Terminology
Sailing Advice that Never Ages
Don't Leave Home Without...
Preparing for Hurricane Isaac
Surviving a Hurricane
What Size Boat Should I Buy?
The Friend Ship
Boats and Dreams
The Price of Perfection
Why Some Boats Never Go Sailing
Perfection Never Goes Sailing
Beware the Have-to's
What to do with the To-Do List
Boatyard Madness: Worse before it gets Better
What to do When you Don't Want to do Without
Simple Doesn't Have to Mean Old-Fashioned
Simply Sailing Club
Simply Sailing: In a Van
Living and Traveling Simply—in a Van
Simplicity on Land
What I Learned from a Year on Land
Disposable Society
Glass On Board
Boat Insurance
The Inflatable Debate
You Can Never Go Home Again
Coast Guard Boarding: What to expect
Negatives of Cruising
Relationships Onboard
How to Convince your Partner to Sail Away
The Seasons of our Lives
Rebel Heart
White Boy on da Bus!


Sprouts Onboard
Making Yogurt Onboard
Homemade Granola
Caramel Corn
Homemade Pizza Without an Oven
Penne with Winter Squash
No Knead Bread on Demand
Holiday Meal: Simply
Simple Sun Tea

If you can't find an older post, it was probably removed and included in the older ebook, Tips, Tricks and Tales: The Best of Simply Sailing Online. Here is a list of the posts you'll find in this ebook:

Life Without a Fridge
Energy Conservation in the Galley
Food Storage
Nonskid Dinnerware
Non-toxic Mosquito Killer
Ships Bells and Clocks Onboard
Repurpose and Multipurpose
Yoga Onboard
A Bucket-washer's Best Friend: the Wringer
Kerosene Storage
Hey Dave: Kerosene Lights
Propane Tank Protector
Propane Safety
Depth Sounders
UV Damage and Sails
Sailing Tips
Bells and Whistles
Bridge Etiquette
Marking the Waterway
ICW Chart Survival Guide
Weather Shorthand
Hey Dave: Gulf Stream Crossing
Don't Drink the Water
Clearing In
Preparing for a Hurricane
Denaming and Renaming Your Boat

Pocket Solution
Fishing Rod Holders
Offshore Book Storage
Simply Showering
Celotex Hull Insulation
Simple Food Dehydrator
Caribbean Courtesy Flags
Chainplate Replacement
Dynel Transom Repair
No More Thru-Hulls
Eliminating Thru-hulls
Boat Cradle
Haul Out by Crane
Simply Canoeing

Boats, Tea and Dragging Anchors
Do You Believe in Magic?
A Simple Sailor
Nigel Calder--My Hero
Chris Parker: Marine Weather Center
St. Croix: The Forgotten US Virgin Island
St. John, USVI
Saba, NA
St. Eustatius--Statia
Trinidad, West Indies
Volcan Baru, Panama
Coba, Mexico
Recent Knowledge of a few South Florida Anchorages: The Keys
South Florida Anchorages: Miami to St. Lucie River
Anchorages: St. Lucie Inlet to Titusville
North FL: Daytona to Jacksonville Beach

Simply: Eurisko style
Outfitting Simply
Simply RV-ing
Simply Safer
Masks and Safety Equipment
Dangerous Boarding Habits
Foolproof Waterproofing
Kerosene vs. LED
Generator Etiquette
Jerry Jugs and Weight Distribution
Kubota Engines: Phasor vs. Beta
Too Much Stuff: Cruising According to Herreshoff
It's Only a TV
What Happened to Reed's?
Homemade Cuban Craft
Knives Onboard or on Land
Little Bits of String
Going Organic
Sacrifices to Neptune
Recording your Travels
You wanna work on the boat or you wanna go sailing?
Magenta Line
Proud to be Sailors
Boater Discrimination
Offshore Onboard Eurisko
Dovè Duff
When Lightning Strikes
Work. Save. Leave. Pray
Little Boat, Big Fun
Thanksgiving Onboard
The Early Years of our Creekmore
Gulf Stream and Other Ocean Currents
Entering at Night
Division of Labor
Eurisko Sails West: A Year in Panama

Heeling without Sailing
David's Pet Shark
Mud Puppy
Stone Free
Boat School
Homeschooling Options
Christmas Trees Onboard
Island Boy to Cowboy in 30 Days
Simply Adventuring
Rite of Passage
Empty Boat-Nesters

Rolling Hitch
Reef Knot
Sheet Bend
Constrictor Knot
Butterfly Knot
Brion Toss on the Butterfly Knot
Matthew Walker Knot

Dave's Bean Burgers
Pressure-cooked Rice
Spaghetti alla Carbonara alla SPAM
Tuna Glop
Salade Niçoise
Thai Meal
The World's Best Chocolate Cake

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