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REDUCED Bolger AS-29 Sharpie For Sale

October 14, 2013

We have all heard the cliché about life being too short, go out and do what you want to do NOW because we don't know how long we have. But what happens when there are so many things that you want to do that you can't go do them ALL now? When your dreams take you in different directions, over land and sea, from the Caribbean to the mountains of Montana? The answer is, you choose.

Preparing to sail away

We have always tried to do it all, to have it all, to see it all, to live every dream. But lately they have started to interfere with each other. Walküre was supposed to be our shallow water, East Coast, gunkholing dream boat. And has she ever been wonderful at that! But she's going to have to be wonderful at fulfilling that dream for someone else now. After spending several months sailing her from the Florida Keys to Wilmington, NC, we have hauled her out. Our other dreams, including spending more time with our latest family member who is 3,000 miles away, has taken precedence. Walküre is for sale.

Hurricane tied

Walküre is a Phil Bolger-designed AS-29. She was built in 2005 in New York State and her builder sailed her nearly 8,000 miles, including the Tenn-Tom and the ICW. She draws 13 inches and with two masts on tabernacles so that we can step them ourselves, she can go under anything higher than 8 feet. As designed, she is a gaff-rigged cat yawl with wooden spars. She has two bilge boards that can be easily raised and lowered from the cockpit.

Keeping a low profile

We bought Walküre over a year ago in the Florida Keys and day-sailed her locally a few times. Since this was a workstop for us, what we did mostly to her, however, was work on her. All her exterior wood (spars, seats, tiller, companionway boards) has 12 coats of varnish. She has fresh bottom paint on her and we have put three coats of paint on her hull. (Painting the decks in on the list and may be finished by the time this is posted.) Since she was not designed with a toe rail of any kind, we built a guardrail to keep the cats onboard and give us a sense of security.

Irie in pieces

We replaced the original kevils with much larger ones (on both tabernacles) since that was one complaint that many owners have about the original design. She has three sails and a temporary riding sail. As she sits here right now, she is quite literally, ready to sail away. And if there is no wind, her 9.9hp four-stroke Suzuki with power-tilt trim and 10 amp altenator propels her nicely. When it's time to stop, she has five anchors with chain and nylon rodes--enough to hurricane tie her comfortably.

Irie's maiden voyage

Because the dinghy we had for 12 years would not fit on Walküre's bow, Dave built us a dinghy for Walküre. She is an 11-foot Spindrift nesting dinghy. She breaks down into two halves, the bow stores in the stern, and she fits perfectly on Walküre's foredeck. She was built to sail, though her rig has not yet been finished. She is part of the package, as well.

Irie on Walküre's foredeck

Down below we have given her even more attention. All interior wood has six coats of varnish, and the teak and holly floor has been refinished. We replaced the plumbing and wiring. She has a charge controller and other amenities such as a VHF, stereo, and anemometer. We replaced all interior lights with LED bulbs so she is very well lit, yet uses little electricity. She has a wood-burning stove, kerosene lights, three beautiful bronze port, and a two-burner alcohol stove.

Freshly painted, ready to relaunch

In an effort to simplify her, we have eliminated some of her more complicated systems, and she is currently a comfortable, simple home. We have been living aboard her for over a year and she has certainly become a member of the family. But two boats, two dinghies, and a grandson in the mountains has become too much for us to juggle. So, more sadly than I would have thought possible, we are putting her up for sale. Walküre and Irie and all their parts can help you fulfill your shallow-water, gunkholing dream, too. Since she is only 7' 10" wide, she is also easily trailerable to any body of water in North and Central America. And since she fits in a container, any water in the world is at your fingertips, er, keel. $13,000 for a dream fulfilled. [You can contact us here (see Contact Us above) or message us on Facebook.]

AS-29 built in 2005
plywood and epoxy construction
9.9 Suzuki 4-stroke power-trim tilt with 10 amp alternator
Main, mizzen and reacher
varnished spars and much of the interior
200 amp hour battery bank new in 2012
two 50-watt solar panels on lifelines
composting Air Head toilet
2-burner Origo alcohol stove
full bed (square!) plus can sleep two on settees
refit in 2012 included interior and exterior paint and varnish, plumbing, electrical, and various epoxy projects
spectacular anchor package including 5 anchors and rodes
NOW REDUCED! $13,000

Port side


Aft cabin through the galley

Head forward

MONDAY we'll share our last East Coast stopping spot before beginning another adventure.

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