shows by example how easily you can eliminate stress, become more independent, raise your children in a safer environment (while spending more time with them, instilling values not based on the mighty dollar) and avoid the traps of commercialism. Because we live and sail simply, we have been wandering for 11 years with no intention of stopping. This is not a trip for us; it is our life, and I hope to share our success with stories of laughter and tears, as well as how-to tips and DIY projects for preparing, sailing and making a boat a home, so that others can join us.

St. Somewhere Fun

April 17, 2017

The thing about cruising is that you're rarely anywhere boring. If you are, you'll likely not stay long. So when friends and family want a vacation, you are often on the top of their list of destinations. Not that they aren't thrilled to come visit you, but being able to explore somewhere cool at the same time never hurts.

So in lieu of tips or DIY projects this week, I think I'll just share our week as tourists on St. Croix, USVI. Enjoy. And stop by and say hi sometime. I promise we'll be St. Somewhere Fun.

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

And look at ruins.

Did someone leave their dinghy on the beach?

And then four days of rain set in...


Connie McBride's work has been published in Good Old Boat, Sail Magazine, Small Craft Advisor, Cruising World, All at Sea, and Blue Water Sailing. As a full-time liveaboard cruiser for over 15 years, she has written several books and in her spare time, well, who has spare time?

It's here! My latest book, Years of Ideas from a Simple Sailor is now available on Amazon.

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